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Fountain Glazer and Vacuum Hand

The RAM Fountain Glazer and Vacuum Hand

The Fountain Glazer is a foot operated glaze pump constructed of sturdy steel tubing and heavy duty non rusting cast aluminum parts. It measures 27" x 11" x 36" and has a 16 quart stainless steel reservoir. The size makes it great for glazing pottery at home or in a smaller studio.

How does it Work?

The Fountain Glazer is a foot powered tool, requiring no electricity, hydraulic or pneumatics in its operation. After filling the glaze reservoir the operator holds an inverted pottery form over the center of the bowl and depresses the foot pedal. A controlled velocity "fountain of glaze" coats the inside of the vessel in one swift motion, then the pot is dipped into the glaze to the desired level (see vacuum hand description) to complete the glazing cycle. Our specially designed and cast bell pump provides a low volume, high velocity glazing action making it possible to glaze a wide variety of inside pot shapes. Convenient water clean out fittings are provided to clean out the pump and the stainless reservoir is also easily cleaned for glaze change over.

Why do I need a fountain glazer and vacuum hand?

1. Time savings. If you glaze more than 2,000 pots a year, the Fountain Glazer will save about 50% of routine glazing time.

2. If you have to apply liner glazes for salt glaze pots or lamps for instance, the pottery Fountain Glazer is designed for you.

3. Its simple operation makes competent glazing accessible to less skilled apprentices or employees.

4. No air borne particles or overblown waste is generated as with sprayed glaze application.

A good demonstration of how effective this piece of equipment is can be seen at site of William Melstrom -

The Vacuum Hand (an Optional Accessory for the Glaze Fountain)

The Vacuum Hand is a vacuum suction holder that makes it possible to pick up and securely hold onto pot bottoms without having to use your finger grip. A comfortable vacuum handle and a 10' long reinforced vacuum line attach to our (optional) portable vacuum pump or to the vacuum pump from your de-airing pug mill. The Vacuum Hand is a companion tool of the Fountain Glazer.

How does it work?

With the appropriate vacuum pump operating, the Vacuum Hand suction head is positioned on the bottom where it will take a firm hold. The operator then holds the pot over the Fountain Glazer reservoir (or other glaze container) and dips the pot down to the desired level. The freshly glazed pot is then righted and the vacuum is manually released.

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Fountain Glazer and Vacuum Hand