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Evenheat LB22.5 Long Blade Friendly Heat Treating Oven

Evenheat LB22.5 Long Blade Friendly Heat Treating Oven

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Evenheat Loud Alarm

Evenheat Loud Alarm : Not available for Set-Pro. Only available with RM, Genesis and TAP controllers [Add $70.00]
Evenheat Quite Drive Relays

Evenheat Single Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Upgrade [Add $149.00]
Evenheat Door Shut-Off Switch

Evenheat Door Power Interrupt Safety Switch [Add $108.00]


Evenheat LB22.5 Long Blade Friendly Heat Treating Oven


We highly recommend stepping up to the state of the art TAP touch-screen controller for the ultimate in versatility!

The LB 22.5 is designed exclusively for heat treating and is capable of all heat treating processes up to 2200F (1204C).

Long Blade Friendly LB 22.5 The Evenheat LB22.5 heat treat oven is a side-element only design that allows the heat treater to use the entire depth of the chamber, regardless of blade length. This makes the LB 22.5 long blade friendly. If you currently heat treat long blades, or intend to at some point, the LB Series is made just for you. You can take advantage of the entire depth of the LB 22.5 and expect excellent temperature distribution all the way to the back wall.

LB 22.5 is 22.5" deep and is standard equipped with 3 key digital controller.
You can select upgrade to 12 key or TAP Toch Screen Controller. The TAP touchscreen control is, without a doubt, the easiest and best designed control available. Its performance and features are as stellar as its layout. It handles everything very well.

LB Series ovens also have the option of a solid state relay. Solid state relays can be triggered up to 60 times a second compared to a mechanical relay that is limited to about once every 10 seconds which translates into very tight and responsive temperature control. As an added benefit, we expect that the solid state relay will never wear out or need replacing!

Evenheat is constantly developing and testing new designs to increase the performance and value of our heat treat ovens. The LB Series represents the culmination of that effort.

Evenheat LB22.5 Heat Treat Oven Specifications
Chamber Size
10" W x 6.5" H x 22.5" D - .85 cubic feet
North American Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 15A
Watts: 3600W
Power Cord Plug Style: NEMA 6-20P

Global Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 15A
Watts: 3600W

Maximum Usable Temperature: 2200F (1204C)
Ship Weight: 104lb (47.3kg)

Side Element Design
The LB series is designed with side heating elements only. This design feature allows the user to load long blades very close to the back of the heating chamber while providing excellent temperature distribution. The entire chamber depth is free to use. However, the LB is not just for long blades. Shorter blades are entirely welcome and receive the same accurate heat treating that Evenheat is known for.

Powerful 240V Design
LB series ovens have the power to get you to temperature quickly: expect to reach critical temperature within an hour for temps up to 1900F (1040C).

Keeping that power on the mark is the job of the control. We work closely with our controls suppliers to make sure only the tightest and most responsive software makes its way into our kilns.

Multiple Control Choices
Evenheat works closely with control manufacturers SDS Industries (TAP) and Bartlett Instruments (Genesis and Rampmaster) to bring you the best in performance, features and programming ease.

The TAP Touchscreen is the most favored and best selling control. The TAP touchscreen control is, without a doubt, the easiest and best designed kiln control available. While its performance and features list are stellar, it's the layout that just rocks!

The Genesis Touchscreen is a full featured touchscreen control with user-defined and preset programs. If you're familiar with Rampmaster programming you'll recognize the Genesis.

The Rampmaster is a full featured control with 12 program slots and a 4 digit, LED display.

Swing View
The controls of the LB series feature our Swing View Adjustable Control. The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. It's that simple. The swing view pairs well with our touchscreen controls as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

Side Opening Door
The process of heat treating involves removing material from an oven chamber when it's extremely hot. Chamber doors that swing down and rest directly below the chamber throw off massive amounts of heat right where you don't want it. Evenheat designs its doors to open to the side, a full 180 if you want it. This keeps the heat away from you and offers a more cool and comfortable use. It's an excellent design choice that makes all the difference.

Door Guard
The LB's feature a door guard to provide protection against firebrick damage as well as to reduce the temperature seen at the door and door handle.

Cool-Touch Handle
The handle on our swing out door is conveniently located at the front of the door, not hidden along the side. This spring loaded, phenolic handle is cool to the touch, is one-handed in design and serves as the door latch as well.

Thanks to user feedback we've tweaked and updated our latch design to provide easier pin centering, latch engagement and spring strength. It's awesome and we thank you.

Heat Trap
The doors of the LB series feature a machined heat trap. The heat trap is a raised machined surface that protrudes slightly into the firing chamber. This heat trap works as an extra measure against heat loss.

Tool Rest
Keep your tongs handy and at the ready with the tool rest.

Loud Alarm Jack
All LB heat treat ovens feature a Loud Alarm jack located on the bottom of the electrical enclosure. This jack allows you to install our optional Loud Alarm (#07452.000) which cuts through the noise of the working shop.

Compression Construction
The firebrick used in the LB firing chamber are held together using compression force, they are not cemented together to form a single piece. This construction technique allows individual firebrick to move independently of each other during the heating and cooling cycles. Physical pressures from heating and cooling do not make their way through the structure, which eliminates breakage. Evenheat designs for the long- haul and our Compression Construction gets us there.

Optional Quiet Drive Solid State Relay
Solid state relays are special switches used to turn the heating elements on and off. Solid state relays enhance control performance, extend the life of the heating elements and are expected to last the life of the kiln.

Our Quiet Drive Solid State relays can turn the heating elements on and off up to 60 times per second as opposed to traditional mechanical relays that tend to be limited to about once every 10 seconds. This fast response time translates into tighter and more precise temperature regulation.

Evenheat offers special solid state relays that will only switch the heating elements on and off when the AC voltage is at 0V. It's called "Zero Crossing" and our heating elements love it and they show that love by lasting longer!

Solid state, by its nature, has no moving parts (that's why it's called solid state). No moving parts means nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. Unlike traditional mechanical relays our solid state relays are expected to last the life of the kiln.

Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System is quite simply the best designed, overbuilt and most reliable solid state relay system available.

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