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Evenheat Glass Kiln Studio Pro 41

Evenheat Glass Kiln Studio Pro 41
Evenheat Glass Kiln Studio Pro 41

Evenheat Glass Kiln Studio Pro 41
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Evenheat Kilns Controller

Evenheat Genesis Icon+
TAP II Controller for SP24, SP28, or SP41 [Add $120.00]
Evenheat Kilns Furniture Kit

Evenheat Furniture Kit for Studio Pro 41 [Add $400.00]
Evenheat Rolling Stands

Evenheat Rolling Stand:
Evenheat Studio Pro 24,28, 41 Casters Option [Add $216.00]
Evenheat Kiln View Window

Evenheat View Window:
Evenheat Add View Window [Add $136.00]
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Evenheat Glass Kiln Studio Pro 41 with Icon+ or TAP Touch Screen Control

Now includes solid State relays and Icon + Genesis wifi enabled, touch screen controller.

The Evenheat Studio Pro 41 kiln offers artists, studios and production operations true, large scale firing potential.

Designed specifically for easy access and glass placement, the Studio Pro 41 allows the artist the opportunity to create full works without compromise. Features include Swing View pivoting control enclosure, thoughtful handles, lift assisted opening and a seamless shelf which offers 884 sq. inches of usable firing surface.

Order your Evenheat Studio Pro 41 kiln with our Quiet Drive Solid State output for tight temperature control and longer element life.


Chamber Size
40.5" W x 25.25" L x 13.5" D - 7.52 cubic feet
(102.9cm W x 64.1cm L x 34.3cm D - 213L)

North American Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 45A
Watts: 10,800W
Power Cord Plug Style: NEMA 6-50P

Operating Voltage: 208V
Amperage: 48A
Watts: 9984W
Power Cord Plug Style: NEMA 6-50P

Global Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage: 415V
Amperage: 15A
Watts: 10,800W

Maximum Usable Temperature: 1800F (982C)
Ship Weight: 365lb (166kg)

TUV listed (UL 499) United States and Canada

  • Access Port (Pat. Pend.)
  • Wall Free, Front Access
  • Top Access
  • Seamless, Full Shelf
  • Fiber Lid Construction
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Wonderful Handles
  • Multiple Control Options
  • Spring Assist Lift
  • Stout Hinge Design
  • Power Interrupt Switch
  • Chamber Safety Bar
Access Port (Pat. Pend.)

The Studio Pro 41 incorporates Evenheat's new relay access port (Pat. Pend.) for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement.

Simply remove the plate to gain access to the service part. There's no need to remove or swing the entire control panel out of the way and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a simple screwdriver!

Wall Free, Front Access

The Studio Pro 41 features front access to offer a unique, wall-free design that lends itself especially well to glass placement found with large and architectural pieces. Physical movement to the kiln floor is wide open, unrestricted and obstruction-free. Once placed, glass remains undisturbed.

Wall-free, front access also allows excellent opportunities for glass manipulation that require a horizontal approach such as raking or glass roll-ups. Your work presents itself completely and without reservation. Couple this with our full sized, seamless shelf and you'll understand why the Studio Pro 41 rates Best in Class.

Top Access

The Studio Pro 41 allows for top-down, vertical approach techniques that might otherwise be impossible or impractical with other large kiln designs. The Studio Pro design concept offers this flexibility by including top access along with its front access.

Many glass operations benefit from a vertical approach and the Studio Pro 41 welcomes these operations. You're free to conceive and produce your art without limitation.

An additional benefit of the top opening feature is the ability to vent. The Studio Pro 41 is also designed with this operation in mind

Seamless, Full Shelf

Large art and architectural pieces demand a firing shelf that is free of seems and joints. It's difficult to create large pieces that enjoy continuity and visual flow using a grouping of small shelves. A singular, seamless shelf is called for and the Studio Pro 41 delivers

Our optional, one piece shelf is designed exclusively for the Studio Pro 41 and offers 884 square inches (6.14 sq. ft.) of uninterrupted firing surface. It's shaped perfectly for the firing chamber and measures 22-5/8" x 38" at its longest. In comparison, two 20" x 20" shelves, butted against each other offer 800 square inches (5.56 sq. ft.)

Fiber Lid Construction

The lid of the Studio Pro 41 is constructed of a special fiber material that provides excellent thermal properties along with light weight. This design allows the heating elements to be positioned on the surface for maximum heat transfer and firing efficiency. We also position these lid heating elements left to right to prevent them from sagging or bunching-up with repeated opening and closing. It's a small but important detail that guarantees performance and satisfaction over the life of the kiln.

The Studio Pro 41's well engineered lid uses a variety of design principles to deliver strength, material support and flex where needed. Strength is provided by the center lid truss and the shrewd use of metal bends. Material support is accomplished via a matrix of refractory rods and buttons. Flex is properly found in the stainless band ringing the lid itself. It works very well.

Swing View Adjustable Control

The Swing Adjustable Control is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the Rampmaster control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. It's that simple. You're really going to enjoy this feature.

The Swing View Adjustable Control is stock equipped on the Studio Pro 41.

Wonderful Handles with all of our kiln designs, the Studio Pro 41 is equipped with wonderfully designed handles for confident and easy use.

The lid handle is lowered and extended to offer a shorter, more relaxed movement. It's also wide enough to allow for easy gloved-hand operation.

Our chamber handle purposely spans the entire width of the chamber to lift only at the strong corners and is set away from the outer surface for a cool and confident grip.

Handles are a design priority at Evenheat. A kiln must be easy to use and handles are never an afterthought. We enjoy fitting our kiln designs with serious handles and you'll appreciate the effort.

Multiple Control Options

Evenheat works closely with control manufacturers Bartlett Instruments and SDS Industries to bring you the best in performance, features and programming ease.

Control Options Include:

TAP Touchscreen, full featured touchscreen control with user-defined and preset programs for glass, metal clay and ceramic. Also features full-text graphics, cost per firing, and graphing along with wi-fi compatibility with web and mobile apps and more.

ICON+ Genesis Touchscreen, full featured touchscreen control with user-defined and preset programs. INCLUDED

Spring Assist Lift
To assist in front opening the Studio Pro 41 includes a spring assist feature. This well designed mechanism travels cleanly and does not pull the artist into the kiln like lesser designs.

Travel stops are included to prevent over extension of the chamber and to provide a consistent chamber opening angle as well as a safety bar to prevent the chamber from free-fall.

In the heat of battle you need a smooth and anxious-free movement and the Studio Pro 41 delivers.

Stout Hinge Design

The Studio Pro 41 chamber pivots are secured to the base of the kiln, not the floor. These strong and sturdy pivots support the load easily and are internally reinforced for exceptional strength.

The chamber pivots are critical to the overall performance and life of the kiln. It's the details that make Evenheat "Better by Design".

Power Interrupt Switch

The Studio Pro 41 is standard equipped with a power interrupt switch which removes electrical power from all heating elements if either the lid or chamber is opened.

This is important for those who may access the kiln during firing such as glass manipulation and roll-ups.

Chamber Safety Bar
The Studio Pro 41 is equipped with a Chamber Safety Bar. The Chamber Safety Bar prevents the chamber from closing without direct action from the user.

When opened, the chamber of the Studio Pro 41 rests naturally on the hinges and does not require support from any additional devises, including the chamber safety bar. This purposeful design feature allows the entire load of the chamber to be supported without adding unnecessary strain that only weakens.

Better by Design, in all we do.

The Studio Pro 41 is designed using our Studio Pro Concept (front and top access) and is intended primarily for use with glass firing. Glass work is a fairly active process. It relies heavily on visual cues, opening and closing while firing, fast action and all sorts of movement. This glass kiln with touch screen doesn't hinder, compromise or get in the way. It just works well.

The Studio Pro 41 also works very well in the more traditional firing styles such as low fire ceramics, enamels and china painting. While not as active as glass, these types of firings do require a kiln that's properly designed and built for use. Since the Studio Pro is an Evenheat design, you know you're getting that as well.

The Studio Pro 41 glass kiln with touch screen fires any ware up to 1800F (982C).

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