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Ceramics Materials Safety

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Every individual who comes in contact with clay, glazes and other ceramic materials should be aware of the health hazards involved. The most dangerous materials are found in the form of dry dust, airborne glazes and kiln fumes, all of which can enter the body through the skin, inhalation and ingestion.

Free silica, which is contained in clay dust, feldspar, and talc can be hazardous through long term absorption or inhalation. The following materials can be especially hazardous: barium, cadmium, chrome, lead, lithium, manganese, Mason Stains, nickel, potassium, selenium, and vanadium.

For your safety we suggest the following procedures while working with ceramic materials:

  • Always wear a mask and other protective clothing.
  • Keep your area clean at all times.
  • Read all warnings, directions, and labels.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke in ceramic areas.
  • Wash thoroughly after working.
  • Install fans and other ventilation equipment where necessary.

We also have available an AMACO brochure titled
"Art Material Safety in the Classroom and Studio." See PDFs, Downloads, General Info

All of our clays are certified nontoxic in accordance to the ASTM-D-4236 standard. This is an ongoing process, please contact us if you have a specific question on a particular clay body or ingredient.



Testing of raw materials should be an integral part of ceramic manufacturing. Upon receipt of any new material, we strongly recommend that you test the material. Sheffield Pottery, Inc. has no control over either the variations that may occur in the natural materials or their application. Therefore, our products are sold with the understanding that the user is solely responsible for determining suitability for any purpose and the results obtained. There are no warranties expressed or implied, regarding the user's finished product or results.

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Ceramics Safety And Testing Information