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We supply school art departments with all of their ceramics studio art supplies from kindergarten classrooms through graduate level fine arts studios.
We always offer special discounts and best possible pricing on school art supplies like clay, glazes, materials and equipment for schools.
Please add us to your bid list !

We can quote you directly on any items needed for your classroom and we also participate in cooperative bid pricing through local, regional and state purchasing contract bids through

Special pricing for private schools educations art supplies is always available.

Other tax exempt nonprofit organizations such as B.S.A. / G.S.A. bids are welcome as well.

Sheffield Pottery continues to support ceramic education with our attendance at the state art educators conferences in CT, NJ, NY, PA, RI & VT and the national NCECA and NAEA conferences. We also sponsor many exhibit awards and contribute clay and education art supplies to several charitable projects, workshops and residency programs.

If your school purchases their educational art supplies via bids, please add us on your bid list:

Bid Requests may be mailed, faxed or emailed. You may also contact us at at 888.774-2529 ext. 15 to discuss your institution's specific bid requirements.
Fax: 1.413.229-0200
Email: [email protected]
Or Mail your Bid Request To:
Sheffield Pottery
P.O.Box 399
Route 7
Sheffield, MA

Purchase Orders Always Welcome.
Please contact us at at 888.spi.clay ext. 15 to discuss your institution's specific needs.
You may email a
copy of your tax exempt certificate.
Or mail a hard copy of your tax exempt certificate to:
Sheffield Pottery
P.O. Box 399
Sheffield, MA 01257

Typical Sheffield Pottery products found in the classroom include:

  • Safety tested high and low fire clay bodies such as Mass White and Mass Red.
  • Self Hardening Clay: great for younger students.
  • A wide variety of classroom-safe AP safe glazes.
  • Brushes, sponges and hand tools.
  • Kilns, mixers and pug mils for advanced ceramics studies.
  • Tables, cabinets and other studio furniture.
  • Air filtration systems, gloves, respirators and other safety equipment.
  • Ceramic reference and pottery project books for young and old.

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