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Kiln By John ZetnerThese Refractory Bricks for sale are for Kiln and Furnace Building and Repair. Also you will find kiln cement, castable high-temp mortars, kawool blankets, boards and ridgidizer here.

Refractory shapes include precast cement and fused or sintered refractory products that are formed prior to installation in furnaces, boilers or other high temperature equipment. Refractories are hard, heat resistant materials and products such as alumina, silicon carbide, fire clay, bricks, precast shapes, cement or monolithics and ceramic kiln furniture. Ceramics and refractories have high melting points are suitable for applications requiring wear resistance, high temperature strength, electrical or thermal insulation or other specialized characteristics.
Refractory bricks, blocks, and tiles are stacked to form insulating furnaces, boilers or other thermal process vessel walls. The bricks are usually cemented together with high-temp mortar.

Shown is a new kiln made with G series soft bricks from Sheffield Pottery by John Zetner of New Hampshire Potters Guild.
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The Kiln Book [Paperback]  Book by Frederick L. Olsen KILN BRICK REPAIR KIT
The Kiln Book [Paperback] by Frederick L. Olsen
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Kiln Brick Repair Kit
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The Kiln Book  by Frederick L. Olsen KILN BRICK REPAIR KIT
Kiln Cement and Refractory Brick for Sale for Furnace Building and Repair