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Brent Ceramics and Art Studio Furniture

Brent Studio Furniture is your source for storing, moving, and displaying all of your pottery and supplies. These expertly made carts are crafted with sturdy, 12 gauge steel in an attractive finish. The carts are made with beautiful, clean lines so you can feel proud to use them in a store front. Conversely, they are utilitarian, so they are perfect behind the scenes as well.

We offer the handy Batmobile, ware trucks and more !

Sheffield Pottery sells plywood shelves in convenient packages of six. The shelves are specifically made for Brent Studio carts so you know that they are a perfect fit. Those customers who prefer an all-metal cart can choose the Amaco Brent SmartCart. This cart is easy to move, easy to clean, and is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

Sheffield Pottery also offers inexpensive replacement plastic covers for all of the Brent Studio ware carts. Protect your work with a plastic cover while it is being safely stored.
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BRENT WARE CART EX Replacement Plastic Cover Brent Ex Ware Cart Replacement Shelves (Set Of 12) BRENT BATMOBILE
Brent Batmobile
Our Price: $648.00
BRENT WARE CART EX Replacement Plastic Cover Brent Ex Ware Cart 12 Replacement Shelves BRENT BATMOBILE
Brent Kiln Shelf Cart
Our Price: $735.00
Amaco Brent SmartCart
Our Price: $795.00
BRENT KILN SHELF CART Brent Ware Cart EX Amaco Brent SmartCart
Brent Studio Furniture