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Bailey Pottery Equipment Slab Rollers: Electric and Manual Feed

Bailey Pottery Small Portable Slab RollerBailey Pottery Equipment Slab Rollers are unique in the industry. Their insightful design and high quality construction enables them to roll your clay down to the thinnest slab in a single pass. This limits stress on your clay with less handling and less shearing. Clay has memory, so by limiting the stresses on the clay, you can expect much less warping in your final products, saving you both time and energy.
Ideal for tile makers, sculptors and potters alike, Bailey Pottery Equipment slab rollers are the most loved clay rollers on the market for good reason.
There are sizes for every need from small portable rollers to the massive 40" wide DRD and DB40's.

Bailey Pottery Electric Slab RollersThe Bailey DRD and DB electric feed, powered slab rollers are completely unique and indispensable for clay artists working in high volume and/or large scale.
The DB series features the Bailey Drive Board system which further limits stress on your clay for the worlds best slabs ! The traditional DRD and the DB Drive Board styles are available in manual or electric powered versions. They are available with or without tables. Several table lengths availble to suit every need.
The large models can be ordered preassembled. (recommended)

All Bailey Pottery rollers include canvas. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Bailey Pottery Equipment Slab Rollers : Manual and Electric, Large and Small