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Amaco Raku Glazes

Amaco Raku Glazes info and Usage

These are 12 fabulous raku glazes from Amaco. These glazes are in one pint containers. The glazes are wet : just stir well and apply with a brush on your bisque.
Because of the nature of raku firing and the post firing reduction, results will vary a lot for these glazes. Experiment with different combustibles in your post fire reduction cycle. Newspaper, leaves, and other materials may all impart a different look.
These glazes produce dramatic effects when reduced after a Raku firing to cone 05 (1911 F). Once they reach temperature turn off the kiln. Let the kiln cool to about 1700 degrees f before you pull the pieces from the kiln with long handled raku tongs.. Always use protective clothing including high temperature gloves, When doing a Raku firing in an electric kiln, be sure the kiln is off before reaching in with tongs !

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