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ADVANCER Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves by Saint-Gobain


Light as a feather, Stronger than any other shelf

Imitated but never equaled, ADVANCER® kiln shelves are thin, lightweight kiln shelves made from an advanced nitride-bonded silicon carbide composition. ADVANCER kiln shelves are 19 times stronger, and weigh 50% less than conventional 1” thick cordierite kiln shelves and are made flat to stay flat so there’s no warping even after many firings under heavy loads. Advanced nitride-bonded silicon carbide (NSiC) is distinguished from conventional nitride-bonded silicon carbide in that it is significantly stronger, thinner and much more resistant to oxidation; suitable for temperatures up to 2600°F!

ADVANCER kiln shelves possess excellent thermal properties. Low mass and high thermal conductivity result in shorter firing cycles helping potters to save energy, improve productivity and reduce overall firing costs. Also, at only 5/16” thick, for every 5 layers of shelves you save 3-3/8” of stacking height compared to conventional 1" shelves. That can add another shelf layer for every firing!

ADVANCER kiln shelves exhibit outstanding performance in a variety of applications and firing atmospheres. ADVANCER kiln shelves are used in the studio production of commercial and manufactured clay bodies including low fired white ware, tile, stoneware and porcelain.

Versatile in Many Applications

Gas-Fired Kilns: ADVANCER® kiln shelves are most widely used in gas fired oxidation and reduction kilns. The use of ADVANCER kiln shelves has been proven to increase productivity and save money in hobby, production studio and industrial applications.

Soda Firing: ADVANCER® kiln shelves are a smart choice for soda firing where soda is introduced indirectly (not by direct spraying onto shelves). The extremely low porosity of the shelves allows for soda drips to be easily removed by scraping without the time consuming grinding typically associated with conventional cordierite or silicon carbide shelves.

Wood Firing: ADVANCER® shelves have been used successfully in second and third chambers of wood-fired kilns. A combination of ADVANCER kiln shelves and conventional silicon carbide shelves is often a sound kiln furniture system in areas where direct flame impingement and temperature uniformity is a problem.

Save your back with ADVANCER shelves!

Super Thin, Super Lightweight, and Super Strong Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves

  • High Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Flatness Retention
  • Low Porosity (<1%)
  • Excellent Thermal Properties

Product Benefits

  • Supports heavy loads with minimal mass
  • Reduces kiln furniture to ware ratio
  • Safer and easier to stack and unstack loads
  • Supports heavy loads without warping
  • Glaze resistant** (lower maintenance costs)
  • Faster heat transfer (reduced energy consumption)
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ADVANCER Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves