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Orton VentMaster® Kiln Venting Systems

Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation
Orton Vent MasterHere you can order a Orton VentMaster® (with downdraft ventilation) from Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supplies.

The Orton VentMaster® is available in 110 and 220 volts which move 73 Cubic Feet per Minute: Normal room conditions will replenish air, no need for makeup air system. 
It weighs 10 Lbs.
It comes with 3 foot high temperature hose.
Available VentMaster Extender Kit extends length an additional three feet (recommended 25 foot maximum).

The patented Orton Vent Master not only vents fumes but also improves firing results.

It pulls fresh oxygen into the kiln for brighter colors, especially noticeable with red and orange glazes and decals. Fire red and green glazes in the same load without glaze contamination. The Vent Master draws air from the kiln, dilutes it with room air, and pushes it outdoors through a vent hose.

The extra oxygen and increased air movement help burn carbon out of the clay, which helps eliminate a host of firing problems: bloating, dark patches in the clay, porcelain mildew, pinholes, pitting, blisters, and bubbles.

The Vent Master removes fumes containing volatile metals, fluorides and sulphur oxides. You can fire even lusters, decals, metallics, and pate-de-verre glass without strong odor.

The flow of fresh air helps even out the temperature throughout the kiln. The vent also extends the life of the Kiln Sitter tube assembly, since fumes by-pass the tube. You will enjoy the convenience of the Vent Master. Throughout the firing, keep the lid closed and peephole plugs inserted. You no longer need to remember to lower the hot lid from vented position.

The Vent Master increases firing time by about five minutes for firings up to cone 4; 12 minutes for firings from cone 4 to 10. It has little effect on maximum temperature. At 132 watts, electrical consumption of the Vent Master motor is only pennies per firing.

From the shut-off temperature down to 1000°F, the Vent Master has little effect on cooling time. From 1000°F to room temperature, it reduces cooling time by about two hours.

Orton Vent MasterVentMaster:
All VentMasters include the main motor & blower housing, one three foot high-temperature hose, one collector cup, multiple hose clamps, installation instructions and sample cones for test firing. VentMaster Motor can be kept on the floor or mounted to the wall. If placement under kiln is obstructed, the collector cup can also be attached to the side of the kiln.

View and/or download the VentMaster Manual

Orton VentMaster® (with downdraft ventilation)

With Downdraft Venting, the kiln is kept under a slight negative pressure. Gases are pulled out of the kiln near the bottom, mixed with fresh room air and exhausted to the outside through a duct. Improved air flow in the kiln results in more uniform temperatures, reducing hot and cold spots.
Kilns cool faster when properly vented. In some cases, the kiln can cool down up to four hours faster, meaning you can empty and refill the kiln in less time.
Downdraft venting can also extend the life of the metallic parts of your kiln by removing corrosive fumes. This means longer kiln life and reduced repair costs.

So Why Vent Your Kiln?
• Fume Removal Improves Firings
• Extend the Life of Kiln Elements
• Cool Your Kiln Faster
• Improve Temperature Uniformity

Why VentMaster?
• Universal Unit (Fits all kilns)
• Lightweight, Easy to Install or Move
• No Vibration Transfered From Motor to Kiln.
• Mountable on Wall or Floor (no kit required)
• Vent Two Kilns Simultaneously*with Expansion Kit.
 • Non-Corrosive Blower Housing
• No need for Makeup Air System
• ETL / CE Certified
Orton VentMaster • UL Listed Motor

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ORTON VENT MASTER EXTENDER KIT at Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supply ORTON VENT MASTER EXPANSION KIT at Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supply Orton VentMaster 110Volt
Orton Vent Master Expansion Kit
List Price: $172.00
Our Price: $139.00
You save $33.00!
Orton Vent Master 110V
List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $355.00
You save $145.00!
ORTON VENT MASTER EXTENDER KIT at Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supply ORTON VENT MASTER EXPANSION KIT at Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supply Orton VentMaster 110Volt
Orton Vent Master 240V
List Price: $510.00
Our Price: $415.00
You save $95.00!
Orton VentMaster 240Volts from Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supplies
Order a Orton VentMaster® (with downdraft ventilation) from Sheffield Pottery Ceramic Supplies