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C&C Ball Clay-Hc Spinks

Product Code: RMHCSCCB



White burning plastic ball clay

Analysis Formula
CaO 0.10% 0.007
MgO 0.20% 0.019
K2O 0.41% 0.017
Na2O 0.20% 0.013
TiO2 1.64% 0.080
Al2O3 26.29% 1.000
SiO2 59.84% 3.863
Fe2O3 0.92% 0.022
LOI 10.40
Oxide Weight 347.63
Formula Weight 387.98

Considered by some as a stoneware clay, it fires very white and is used in white firing porcelains and stoneware for its excellent plasticity. The company describes it as a fine-grained engineered blend, well known for its excellent plasticity and fired properties. This consistent blend is suitable for a wide variety of forming processes, where a high degree of plasticity is required, such as dry pressing, jiggering, ram pressing and casting.

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