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Amaco Old World Low Fire Crackle Glazes

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Cone 06-05.
Crackle glazes are formulated to produce a network of cracks on fired ware similar to crazing, giving it an old or antique look. These glazes can be used for an all over coverage or they can be applied over an underglaze design. Because of the transparency of the color glazes, the underglaze will show through, creating extraordinary effects of design and color.

To emphasize the crackle after firing, swab the lines with colored inks. Crackle glazes are recommended for decorative items only, as these glazes do not seal the surface of the ware as other glazes do. Apply three crosshatched coats of Old World Crackle glazes over a mature Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) bisque. CR-Crackle glazes are perfect for RAKU, because they can be underfired to RAKU temperature. Their crackle effect is enhanced when reduced and the crackle is filled with carbon during the reduction process.

Other special effect glazes for RAKU: LG-25, F-47, DG-25, O-26, L-511, and LT-144.

These glazes will produce a very dramatic effect when reduced after the RAKU firing. Remember that these glazes need to be fired to their recommended temperature at Cone 05. Once they reach temperature, turn off the kiln; let it cool to about 1700°F before you pull the pieces out of the kiln. You must protect yourself from the heat at that high temperature. Therefore, wear heat and fireproof protective clothing, high temperature gloves, and appropriate respirator for smoke. If you are using an electric kiln, never pull material out of the kiln unless the kiln is turned off.

Glazes other than those listed can be used for RAKU. However, they will not have the same dramatic effect changes. Always fire to the recommended temperature of the glaze and follow the same procedure as above.

Amaco® Old World Crackle glazes are supplied in liquid, ready-to-use form in pint jars.