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George Debikey, Indianapolis, Indiana, created this vase with Amaco® 65-M Porcelain Clay and decorated it using the new Pompeian Ash Glazes -- PA-60 Tan and PA-40 Green.

Cone 5-6. Pompeian Ash glazes have a unique formula that produces a wiggly design pattern as they flow on the piece. This series has to be fired to Cone 5-6 in an electric kiln. The result is similar to ash glazes that have to be fired to Cone 10 in reduction. These glazes reduce firing costs and eliminate the exposure to toxic materials that are required with such Cone 10 formulas.

Apply these glazes by brushing or dipping. Taper down the application to one coat towards the bottom of the piece, to give room for the glaze to run. Fire with a dry foot, on a kiln shelf that has been well coated with AMACO® Kiln Wash. Use stilts or place over a refractory brick to catch any glaze that may overflow. With repeated use of these glazes, you will learn to what extent to taper down to eliminate overflow.