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Zebra Clay carving tools

Zebra Carving Tools for Clay

Zebra Clay carving toolsZebrawood “Pencil” Carvers for Clay Carving & Sgraffito

Zebrawood Carving Tools are a line combine stunning, handcrafted zebrawood handles with stainless steel, ultra-sharp carving blades that are sharper than any pottery carving tool in existence! Requires much less force and leaves little to no debris/burrs in your carving! Two years in the making was worth the wait. We studied blade angle, blade thickness, blade width and much more. Each blade is wider at the exit than the entrance so there is less clogging.

Since our blades are 2 to 3 times sharper than ordinary loop tools you can carve faster with much less force and muscle fatigue. Use for carving, sgraffito, sculpting, scraping and more. We designed these Zebra carving tools for clay to make carving much more enjoyable, while being able to produce a much smoother cut in the clay.

These pencil clay carving tools come with a built-in stylus, a smoothing polytube, and a protective cap. Foam pencil grips are available for greater control or for grip capability with larger hands.

  • Ultra sharp Stainless Steel Blades
  • Handmade Zebrawood Handles
  • Carve Bone Dry or Leatherhard Clay
  • Much Sharper than ordinary loop tools
  • Leave little to no debris or burrs
  • Carve much faster with much less force
  • Use for carving, Sgraffito, sculpting, scraping, Mishima
  • Makes carving more enjoyable
  • Built-in stylus
  • Adjustable blade angle
  • Pencil style handle each comes with comfortable foam grip
  • Cleaner crisp lines
  • Less hand & muscle fatigue
  • Less clogging with blade openings wider at the back
  • Long lasting Stainless Steel blade and hardware
  • No sharpening needed (self-sharpening)
  • Made of thin sheets of stainless steel, not wire
  • “V” Tip (seen with yellow foam grip above)
  • “U” Tip – (this blade can also be modified to create variety of blade shapes …. smaller U… or small square…. or other.)
  • Square Tip – great for creating 3D relief cuts
  • Hook Tip – for shallow, clean V carvings allowing greater visibility of the carving area.
  • Carving is done in the “beak down” position.
  • Sgraffito is done with the back side of most blades (beak facing up).
Zebra Carving Tools for Clay