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Wax Burnout Ovens Kilns Furnaces

Here at Sheffield Pottery we offer special Wax Burnout Ovens Kilns Furnaces designed specifically for lost wax casting used by artists and machinists.
The Paragon W-14 wax Burnout Oven has preset programs for EL wax elimination, 5 hour burnout, 12 hour burnout as well as plenty of room to create your own programs.
We offer the specialized Paragon Grate and tray to capture the wax. Leave the heavy-duty grate in the kiln throughout the firing. Remove the wax tray at 300F/148C without disturbing the molds on the grate. The grate is carbon steel, and the pan is stainless steel.

All heat-treating ovens , kilns, and furnaces at Sheffield Pottery are free shipping to the lower 48 states and include residential and lift gate service. There are exceptions to the free shipping to islands, some metropolitan areas, and secure restricted location. Fell free to call before ordering to check your location.
Wax Burnout Ovens Kilns Furnaces