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Skutt Kiln : Firebox 8 : Manual Glass Kiln DISCONTINUED

Skutt Kiln : Firebox 8 : Manual Glass Kiln with Pyrometer
Skutt Kiln : Firebox 8 : Manual Glass Kiln with Pyrometer


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Skutt kilns fireboxThe Skutt FireBox 8 is the perfect small firing kiln for Glass Fusing, Precious Metal Clay, Ceramics, Enameling, Knife Making...almost anything that you need to get hot. Beginners to Advanced Artist will love this kiln. The Skutt FireBox 8 plugs into any standard 20 Amp household outlet and since it is compact in size you can fire it up almost anywhere.

The FireBox 8 comes with a digital pyrometer that reads the temperature of the kiln chamber in degrees Fahrenheit. If you would like a pyrometer that reads in Celsius you will need to let your distributor know at the time of the order. The Pyrometer comes with a thermocouple with wire, thermocouple mounting flange, a pyrometer mounting bracket (that can be mounted to the wall or set on any flat surface) and it even comes with handy little case to store the pyrometer.

The temperature rate (speed at which the kiln heats up) is controlled by the infinite switch on the kiln. It will take a while to learn the switch settings that create the rate increases you need. It absolutely imperative that you monitor the kiln at all times. When the kiln reaches the temperature you are aiming for you can turn the switch off or you can control the rate of cooling also by using the switch.

If you would prefer digital controller choose the FireBox 8x4 with programmable controller.

  • Fast : You can always fire slower but if you need to go fast this kiln reaches Glass Fusing temperatures in less than 20 minutes!
  • Accurate
    The easy to read digital pyrometer allows you to know exactly what temperature the Skutt glass fusing kiln is.
  • Unlike other kilns of its size, the Skutt FireBox 8 has a hinged lid so you do not have to worry about where to put the hot lid when you want to work inside the kiln. The lid opens over 90 degrees so it is out of your way when loading or working inside the kiln. The Skutt glass fusing kiln is buckled to the base of the kiln so it can't slip off.
  • Easy To Use
    Using the wooden handle, the lid can be opened with one ungloved hand. The digital pyrometer allows you to precisely tell if the temperature is going up or down making holding at specific temperatures much easier.
  • Versatile
    The 2000 º F rating makes it capable of firing a wide variety of materials, including Ceramics. You can load it through the top or unbuckle the body from the floor, assemble your work, and place the kiln back over the shelf and onto the slab.
  • Portable
    There is a handle positioned on the back of the Skutt glass fusing kiln that makes it extremely easy to carry.
Download the Fire Box Operating Manual Download the HotStart Pro Operating Manual

8” x 8” x 4.25” (L x W x H)

Digital Pyrometer (Comes complete with tabletop/wallmount stand, type K thermocouple, storage case, and battery) Digital pyrometers are much easier to read and more reliable than analog pyrometers which can stick. With a digital pyrometer it is much easier to balance the kiln to the correct holding temperature because you can see small changes in temperature much easier.

Skutt Firebox accessories

Infinite Switch control - The Infinite Switch is the main temperature control device for your kiln. The switch, located on the front of the control box, is called an "infinite " switch because it has an infinite number of settings between Low and High. As the switch is turned up the kiln heats at a faster rate and will achieve a higher temperature. The markings on the switch are meant to be used as reference points not as specific settings. Therefore it is ok to position the switch anywhere in between these markings. Factors such as the mass of the load, the age of the kiln and fluctuations in voltage will affect the rate at which the kiln fires.

Hinged lid which opens over 90 degrees - The new hinged lid design for this style kiln is safer and more convenient than anything else on the market. Lids exposed to kiln temperatures remain extremely hot when they are removed. A hinged lid limits the potential of causing a fire, burning yourself or those working next to you. The lid when in the opened position is safely behind the kiln. The built in stops keep it an angle that limits the radiant heat exposure to the user and still keeps it a safe distance from the table. There is no need to make extra space in your work area to place the lid. Also, the handle only requires one hand to lift so you have the other one free to manipulate the glass. Since it is made of wood and is positioned far enough from the heat of the kiln it does not require gloves to open.
FireBox 8

skutt kilns firebox
FireBox 8 hinges safely out giving you full access to the chamber and the body of the kiln is buckled to the floor so it cannot get bumped off.

Buckled Slab - The buckles hold the kiln body securely to the floor of the kiln so it cannot slip off if bumped. They can also be unbuckled to allow the artist to lift the chamber off of the floor to arrange their art on the shelf and then place the chamber back on the slab. This allows the artist to assemble their piece without having to risk it moving when trying to place it in the kiln.
Lifting Handle -The Skutt FireBox 8 has a convenient handle attached to the back of the kiln for easy lifting. The handle is ergonomically placed so when the artist grabs the handle and the bottom of the control box to lift the kiln, it is evenly balanced. And, since it is buckled to the floor you can move the whole kiln at once without having to move the floor separately.

Skutt firebox specs

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