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Nabertherm Kilns

Expert Kiln Support Naberetherm Kilns are well designed kilns for ceramics. Buy your Nabertherm Kilns online from Sheffield Pottery. We offer some of our favorite Nabertherm Kiln models here.
Top 45 - Top 220
Attractive design, energy-efficient construction and excellent firing results are only a few of the features of our top loaders Top 45 to Top 220. Casters are supplied standard for increased mobility so that your Nabertherm kiln is always right where you need it.
Top quality:
Heating from all sides, elements embedded in grooves for protection
Long-lasting, heavy-gauge heating elements
Solid-state power control relays for silent operation
Fast power switching for precise temperature distribution
Long life Platinum-Rhodium Type “S” thermocouple standard
Lid interlock safety switch shuts down power to the elements when the lid is opened
Multi-layer lining with light weight insulation bricks for a cooler shell and low power consumption
Chamfered brick edges and mortar-free lid minimize kiln dirt contamination
Clean, professional design in a high-temperature stainless steel housing
Lid with adjustable quick-release lock and padlock hasp
Wear-resistant lid sealing (brick surface on both ends)
Counter balanced, spring loaded lid for easy opening and closing
Infinitely adjustable inlet air opening in the kiln bottom for improved ventilation and reduced cooling time
Air outlet on the side of the kiln with a bleed air collar, 80 mm diameter
Lockable castors included
GS safety mark for controlled safety, CE
Raised base for Top 45 and Top 60 (optional)
Bottom heating for Top 140, Top 190, and Top 220 as option and manual zone regulation if desired.

Model Tmax Inner dimensions in mm Volume Outer dimensions in mm Power Supply Weight
°C w d H in L W D H kW voltage* in kg

N 100 1280 400 530 460 100 660 1045 1430 9 3-phase 270
N 150 1280 450 530 590 150 710 1045 1560 11 3-phase 290
N 200 1280 500 530 720 200 760 1045 1690 15 3-phase 370
N 300 1280 550 700 780 300 810 1215 1750 20 3-phase 410
N 450 1280 600 750 1000 450 1010 1440 1815 30 3-phase 815
N 650 1280 700 850 1100 650 1120 1540 1925 40 3-phase 930

Model Tmax Inner dimensions in mm Volume Outer dimensions in mm Connected Connection Weight
°C w d h in L W D H power/kW Voltage1 in kg

Top100 1300 Ø 480 575 100 660 830 910 7,0 3-phases 100
Top140 1300 Ø 550 575 140 750 920 910 9,0 3-phases 120
Top190 1300 Ø 590 690 190 790 960 1020 12,0 3-phases 150

Installation Service

When you buy your kilns from Sheffield Pottery, we offer professional installation and assembly of your Nabertherm kiln into your studio.
All Nabertherm kilns ship completely assembled in one piece. While other manufacturers sell sectional designs, Nabertherm does not because it negatively affects the performance and safety of kilns. A one-piece design may take more effort on the day you install your kiln, but its effortless operation every day thereafter more than makes up for this. Installation Service Information... click here.

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NABERTHERM N100 KILN Nabertherm N100 Kiln


List Price: $8,100.00
Our Price: $7,499.00
You save $601.00!
NABERTHERM N150 KILN Nabertherm N150 Kiln


List Price: $8,630.00
Our Price: $7,999.00
You save $631.00!
NABERTHERM N200 KILN Nabertherm N200 Kiln


List Price: $9,980.00
Our Price: $9,199.00
You save $781.00!
NABERTHERM N300 KILN 480V 3PH Nabertherm N300 Kiln

Nabertherm N300 Kiln

List Price: $13,540.00
Our Price: $12,499.00
You save $1,041.00!
NABERTHERM N440 KILN Nabertherm N440 Kiln


List Price: $17,010.00
Our Price: $15,799.00
You save $1,211.00!
Nabertherm Ceramic Kilns