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L&L Liberty-Belle Series Kilns : Fits on 30 Amp Dryer Plug !

L&L Liberty Bell Test KilnThe Liberty~Belle kiln meets the needs of serious hobbyists, potters and others who need a simple small automatic kiln ideal for home use or for a studio test kiln. Complete easy-to-follow visual instructions make this kiln ideal for the beginner yet powerful enough for experienced users. It has L&L's time-proven technology like ceramic element holders, industrial-grade element terminals, heavy-duty elements and corrosion resistant materials. Insulation is an energy saving 3'' brick. This sectional kiln is easy to move and set up by the home user.
The 12 foot long 30 amp cord makes it easy to plug in.

Optional Furniture Kit: One full 15" shelf, four half 15" shelves, four each 1", 2", 4" and 6" triangular posts and one pound of cone 10 kiln wash.

The Easy Cone 10 Kiln you can Plug in and Fire!

Specifications & Additional Features

    Internal Size: 2-1/2 cubic feet (16-1/2" diameter by 18" high)
    Outside Dimensions: 25'' wide by 31'' deep by 31'' high (55'' high with lid open)
    Recommended Floor Space: 51'' wide by 51'' deep (you need 12'' around kiln)
    240 volts, single phase using a Nema 14-30P 12 foot cord, 5760 watts, 24.0 amps, 30 amp fuse or circuit breaker, 10 gauge hook up wire. The plug can be easily changed to a Nema 6-30P or a 6-50P because the neutral is not used. (NOTE: A Nemas 14-30 plug is the typical plug on today's electric dryers)
    The kiln when empty can reach Cone 10 in about 2 hours and use about 12.5 KWH (this would cost about $1.00 @ 8 cents per KWH. When fired with a heavy load of 55 pounds it took 23 KWH to go to Cone 6 on a Fast Glaze program - about $1.84).
    Sectional Construction: Two sections with separate bottom. Easy to lift each piece (less than 60 pounds each), sets up in under 1/2 hour)
    Reversible Bottom: Easy to reverse in case of mishap
    3" of premium select K23
    Brick Coating: Reflective coating on entire interior, hardens brick
    Ceramic Element Holders
    Element Terminations Stainless Bolts on Ceramic Blocks, no special tools to change
    Max Temp: 2350F, 1287C, Cone 10
    Control Panel Mount: Single piece on kiln - well ventilated
    Control: Simple Three Button Automatic control with four programs. Three programs are set up for ceramic firing (slow bisque to cone 06, Slow Glaze to cone 05, Fast Glaze to cone 6 - all of which can be easily changed. One program is left for anything you want such as firing glass or metal.
    Programs stay in memory until changed. There are eight segments in each program and each segment has a ramp, hold and a soak.
    Heavy-duty 8 gauge type K
    On/Off Switch: you can turn kiln off
    Control Fuse: Panel mounted - easy to change
    Case Construction & Assembly Screws: Stainless & Alumnized Steel for corrosion resistance
    Peephole Plugs: Two heavy duty soild ceramic peephole plugs
    Control Panel: Super ventilated and insulated to protect controls
    Door Angle When Open: To the back (doesn't hang over opening)
    Full support heavy gauge aluminized steel with rigid bends
    Heavy Duty Elements
    BY MOTOR FREIGHT: 220 pounds for kiln. Add 30 pounds for furniture kit. 36'' by 36'' by 30'' high. Shipping class 85.
L & L Liberty-Belle Series Kilns