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L&L Kilns Easy-Load Front-Loading Kilns
Large Commercial Grade Professional Kilns • Cone 10

Large Heavy-Duty Front-Loading Kilns. Includes 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.

Easy-Load Front-Loading kiln with Multi-Program Three-Zoned DynaTrol, hard ceramic element holders, separate attached stand, cool-firing separate side-mounted panel, multi-layered insulation (3" K23 firebrick with 2" back up mineral wool), full arch 4-1/2" thick firebrick roof made of harder K25 firebrick, side, back and door elements, door gasket, heavy gauge welded case that is powder-coated hammertone blue for corrosion resistance, manual vent system with roof plug and bottom inlet holes with sliding damper.
MET-us listed in the USA. Cone 10 for all voltages. All the kilns except the EL3048 will go through a 34-1/2” wide by 75” high door. The EL3048 needs a minimum door size of 40-1/2” wide by 76” high. All Easy-Load and Hercules kilns can be moved with a pallet-jack from any side. Crated with interior support and air-cushion skids. Shipping by air-ride truck.

Hearth Height: Approximately 30” for EL2436 and 18” for all other models
Moving and installation: The EL2436 will go through a standard 34-1/2” door that is at least 76” high.
The EL2448 and EL2848 will go through a door that is 34-1/2” wide by 86” high. The EL3048 will go through a door that is 40-1/2” wide by 86” high.
The kiln must be moved on a flat surface.
The case is designed to be picked up by a forklift or pallet jack from the front, back or sides.
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L & L Kilns Easy Load Front Loading Kilns