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L & L Cyber Monday Kiln Package Sale

Special Cyber Monday Sale: On now! SAVE !!!
Best selling L&L kilns packaged: Easy Fire Kilns Package includes Vent System, Furniture Kit, Genesis Touch Screen and Free Freight* eQuad Models also include the new state of the art Solid State Relays !
*free freight to most places in the lower 48. Some restrictions apply.
ORDER TODAY! EXTENDED Through 12/6/2019 !!!

Expert Kiln SupportAsk about our Professional Inside delivery in the Northeast.
Easy-Fire ceramic kilns are the industry standard professional-grade electric kiln and L&L's most popular line of kilns. These L&L Easy Fire kilns include durability features like element holders, protected thermocouples, super-strong stands and solid peephole plugs. For unparalleled performance and excellent temperature uniformity they include automatic zone control. Designed for easy maintenance, each electric ceramic kiln has an easy pull-down panel, easy-to-change elements and color-coded wiring.

These ceramic kilns are recommended for studios and schools alike. The 2.5" brick versions are great for low-fire / earthenware and bisque firing. The 3" brick versions are the same basic kilns with extra insulation to handle the rigors of higher firing temperatures at cone 5 and above..

L&L kilns feature hard ceramic element holders. These reduce wear and tear on your kiln by preventing chipped bricks from
L&L Kilns Easy Fire Kiln
bumping the sides with shelves when loading. The element holders also make element replacement easier and faster.

The full size control panel make it simple to program custom firing curves but most people find every thing they need in the slow and fast bisque and glaze programs already installed at the factory. You can now upgrade to the Genesis Touch Screen Controller for even easier access to firing curves and firing reviews.
Save even more when you order the furniture kit of shelves and posts when you order with a new kiln.
The vent system is a highly recommended option. It is very important to have the down-draft vent when the kiln is installed in a basement or other living space.