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About Frozen Clay and Frozen Glazes

Frozen Clay and Frozen Glazes : What happens if my clay or glazes freeze ? Can I use glaze and clay that was frozen? How do I get my clay and glaze back to usable condition?

In clay and pottery glazes the water separates from the solid materials when frozen.
However, both pottery clay and glazes can be reconstituted. Glaze is a little easier than clay to get back to usuable condition..

Pottery glazes are easy to get back to usable form if they get frozen in transport or in your your studio.
Simply thaw out the glaze and mix until smooth again.

Frozen clay can be thawed and re-wedged to return it to workable condition. The clay that was frozen will seem very wet. Wedge it together again and it will return to it's ready to use state.

Here is a video showing how to restore your glaze and clay after having been frozen.

At Sheffield Pottery, we avoid shipping clay when the temperatures are almost guaranteed to be cold enough to freeze your clay.
We will ship glazes in freezing conditions. Simply thaw and mix!

We do not ship wax resist in freezing condition as there is not a way to reconstitute it once frozen.

Frozen Clay and Frozen Glazes