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Evenheat Evolution 2327 Cone 8 Square Kiln

Evenheat Evolution 2327 Cone 8 Square Kiln
Evenheat Evolution 2327 Cone 8 Square Kiln

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Product Code: EVEEV2327

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Evenheat Evolution 2327 Cone 8 Square Kiln

At Evenheat we take kiln design and performance seriously and our Evolution 2327 redefines what a square shaped kiln can and should be.

The Evolution 2327 features a square shape that offers more volume than a circular kiln, a well tested lid for greater firing efficiency, forward facing controls and lid handles and our exclusive Swing View control for comfortable use.

Available with our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen or Rampmaster controls. Order yours with our Quiet Drive Solid State output option for tight temperature control and longer element life.

Evenheat Kilns Specifications

Evolution 2327
23" Wide x 23" Long x 27" Deep - 7.8 cubic feet
(58.4cm Wide x 58.4cm Long x 68.6cm Deep - 221L)

Operating Voltage: 240V
Amperage: 48A
Watts: 11,520W

Operating Voltage: 208V
Amperage: 48A
Watts: 9984W

Power Cord Plug Style: NEMA 6-50P
Ship Weight: 310lb (141kg)

TUV listed (UL 499) United States and Canada


  • Access Port (Pat. Pend.)
  • Square Chamber Design
  • Engineered Superwool Lid
  • Extended Lid Handle
  • 3" Brick Construction
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Maintenance Lines
  • Swing Away Peephole Covers
  • Multiple Control Options
  • Lid Security Bar
  • Properly Sized Stands
  • Excellent Temperature Distribution
Access Port (Pat. Pend.)
Access Port (Pat. Pend.)

The Evolution 2327 incorporates Evenheat's new relay access port (Pat. Pend.) for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement.

Simply remove the plate to gain access to the service part. There's no need to remove or swing the entire control panel out of the way and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a simple screwdriver!

Square Chamber Design
Square Chamber Design

The main design feature of the Evolution 2327 is its square chamber design.

A square design offers the artist a 10 percent volume increase over a circular design while taking up no more additional studio floor space. This added volume translates into fuller loads and larger pieces as well as freeing up valuable studio space.

The square chamber walls of the Evolution 2327 are gently arched to provide excellent strength, promote temperature uniformity and extend kiln life. The mechanical properties of an arch are well known and we take full advantage of them. It's this attention to design and mechanical concept that makes Evenheat the brand to trust.

We should note that during our testing and evaluation process we noticed that the square shaped chamber seems a little easier to load, unload and use than a circular design. Not by much but, in an odd way, easier. It was a pleasant surprise.

Engineered Superwool Lid
Engineered Superwool Lid

The lid assembly of the Evolution 2318 is constructed of a special material known as Superwool that offers excellent thermal properties along with light weight.

This well engineered lid uses a variety of design principles to deliver strength, material support and flex where needed. Strength is provided by the center lid truss and shrewd use of metal bends. Material support is accomplished via a matrix of refractory rods. Flex is properly found in the stainless band ringing the lid itself. It works very well.

The testing of this lid design involved multiple lids, each tested over 100 times at 2300°F. When all was said and done there were no failures of any kind. The Superwool is a blanket material. It found its "resting" position early on and developed a somewhat rigid surface form. We did notice some light surface fissures over time, however given the blanket nature of the Superwool, these fissures were confined to the surface only and did not migrate through the lid. Needless to say, we were very pleased.

Extended Lid Handle
Extended Lid Handle

The lowered and extended lid handle on the Evolution 2327 was designed specifically to allow for complete forward facing operation, positive grip and a shorter reach.

Can the lid handle be operated from the front? Can it be easily reached? Do I trust myself opening and closing this lid? The lid handle on the Evolution 2327 answers yes to all these questions. Lid handles are used constantly and they exist as a priority in all Evenheat designs.

The extended design of the lid handle shortens the reach needed to operate the lid. It's that simple. The Evolution 2327 is a full sized studio kiln with a 27" depth. Extending and offsetting the lid handle makes reaching the lid handle much easier, particularly for those of shorter stature.

The front mounted lid handle design also centers the lifting action equally on the hinges, as intended. There is no shifting of weight during use and no added stress like that found on side operated designs. It's as clean and smooth as you would expect.

3" Brick Construction

The Evolution 2327 chamber and floor are constructed entirely of premium, domestic 3 inch firebrick for outstanding thermal insulation and structural integrity.

We use a variety of means to form and shape our finished brick forms while paying close attention to fit and finish. Angles and contours are strictly controlled and formed brick slabs are designed to fit chamber profiles. It's attention to detail and it's how we build.

Swing View Adjustable Control
Swing View Adjustable Control

The Evolution 2327 is stock equipped with our Swing View Adjustable Control.

The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the artist to rotate the Rampmaster control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Simply rotate it up for crouch-free programming and lower it down for viewing from across the studio.

The Swing View Adjustable Control is a very cool and useful design feature that elevates kiln design and delivers it straight to your studio.

Maintenance Lines
Maintenance Lines

The Evolution 2327 features maintenance lines for partial disassembly for element replacement and kiln installation. These maintenance lines are held securely in place through the use of stainless steel plates and screws (we do not use buckles). Simply remove the screws and separate the sections for maintenance or installation.

While Evenheat is not adverse to sectional design, we do not agree with the use of temporary, quick release fasteners used to hold these chamber sections together. Experience shows that these types of fasteners do not provide adequate holding strength, particularly as it relates to shifting and misalignment of the chamber with use. Quick release fasteners also have the unfortunate tendency of releasing when they should not. With these known design limitations in mind, Evenheat chooses to secure chamber sections together with stainless steel plates.

Structurally sound for the long haul.

Swing Away Peephole Covers
Swing Away Peephole Covers

Our kiln designs feature swing-away peephole covers as opposed to plugs. Plugs get lost and they get broken. Our attached peephole covers remain on the kiln and simply swing open and closed. You won't lose them and they certainly won't break.

Multiple Control Options
Multiple Control Options

Evenheat works closely with control manufacturers Bartlett Instruments and SDS Industries to bring you the best in performance, features and programming ease.

Control Options Include:

TAP Touchscreen, full featured touchscreen control with user-defined and preset programs for glass, metal clay and ceramic. Also features full-text graphics, cost per firing, and graphing along with wi-fi compatibility with web and mobile apps and more.

Genesis Touchscreen, full featured touchscreen control with user-defined and preset programs.

Rampmaster 3 (RM3), full featured control with user-defined and preset programs for glass. Features a 4 digit display.

Economical Set-Pro, 3 button control with user-defined and preset programs for glass, metal clay and ceramic. Features a 4 digit display.

Lid Security Bar
Lid Security Bar

The Evolution 2327 is provided with a lid security bar that positively keeps the lid in the open position. Simple one handed operation is made even easier with our well designed, lowered and extended lid handle.

Properly Sized Stands
Properly Sized Stands

We don't design our stands to fit into our kilns for shipping. We design our stands to support our kilns in use. Our stands properly distribute the weight of the kiln and are made wide to prevent tipping or offsetting. You won't find our stands in our kilns but you'll be happy to know they're beneath them.

Excellent Temperature Distribution
Excellent Temperature Distribution

Evenheat kilns are true to their name and the Evolution 2327 is no different. Our designs are well known for their excellent temperature uniformity. They're done well and you'll appreciate the performance.

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