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DiamondCore Tools at Sheffield Pottery

CI PRODUCTS: DiamondCore Tools

Zebrawood Carving Tools Zebrawood “Pencil” Carvers for Clay Carving & Sgraffito

Zebrawood Carving Tools are a line combine stunning, handcrafted zebrawood handles with stainless steel, ultra sharp carving blades that are sharper than any carving tool in existence! Requires much less force and leaves little to no debris/burrs in your carving! Two years in the making was worth the wait. We studied blade angle, blade thickness, blade width and much more. Each blade is wider at the exit than the entrance so there is less clogging.

Since our blades are 2 to 3 times sharper than ordinary loop tools you can carve faster with much less force and muscle fatigue. Use for carving, sgraffito, sculpting, scraping and more. We designed these tools to make carving much more enjoyable, while being able to produce a much smoother cut in the clay.

The Sticky Pads and Foam Bat are great for trimming greenware pottery. Perfect for trimming bowls and plates with out wads or trimming chucks.
The best way to grind and smooth sharp edges on glass and pottery is with diamond sanding pads. Pottery glaze and glass are physically nearly identical so both ceramic and glass artists use the same glass finishing tools.

diamond dremel rotary tool tipsDiamond Sanding padsPotter's can now easily grind off glaze drips and sharp edges in fired clay. Cold work for glass artists uses diamond sanders and rotary tool tips to smooth and polish pontil punty scars and any sharp edges.

DiamondCore diamond sanding pads and rotary tool tips are high quality and long lasting. Unlike other diamond rotary tool tips, DiamondCore brand tips are completely embedded with diamond, not just diamond surface coated.

diamond grinding discsDiamondCore brand adhesive backed silicon carbide and diamond grinding discs turn any potters wheel into a highly effective grinding wheel. Diamond grinding pads are so powerful that they level the foot of pots that don't sit flat even on high-fired clay!

Note Wet sanding is always best. Use water to control dust and extend the life of your glass finishing tools, grinding discs, and sanding pads.
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CI PRODUCTS: DiamondCore Tools, Zebra Carvers,  Sticky Pads