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DiamondCore Tools at Sheffield Pottery

Grinding, Sanding and Finishing Tools for Glass and Ceramics from DiamondCore Tools

Diamond Sanding pads and Files bt DiamondCore ToolsDiamond Drill and Dremel Rotary Tool Tips, Grinding Discs, and Sanding Pads by DiamondCore Tools

Diamond Sanding padsThe best way to grind and smooth sharp edges on glass and pottery is with diamond sanding pads. Pottery glaze and glass are physically nearly identical so both ceramic and glass artists use the same glass finishing tools.

Potter's can now easily grind off glaze drips and sharp edges in fired clay. Cold work for glass artists uses diamond sanders and rotary tool tips to smooth and polish pontil punty scars and any sharp edges.

diamond dremel rotary tool tips DiamondCore diamond sanding pads and rotary tool tips are high quality and long lasting. Unlike other diamond rotary tool tips, DiamondCore brand tips are completely embedded with diamond, not just diamond surface coated.

DiamondCore brand adhesive backed silicon carbide and diamond grinding discs turn any potters wheel into a highly effective grinding wheel. Diamond grinding pads are so powerful that they level the foot of pots that don't sit flat even on high-fired clay!

diamond grinding discsNote Wet sanding is always best. Use water to control dust and extend the life of your glass finishing tools, grinding discs, and sanding pads.
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Diamond File J2 (60/120 Grit) DiamondCore Tools Diamond File J2 (60/120 Grit) DiamondCore Tools

Diamond File J2 (60/120 Grit) DiamondCore Tools

Our Price: $20.40
Diamond sanding pads and DiamondCore drill / Dremel tool tips for Glass and Ceramics by DiamondCore Tools