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Minnesota Clay Potter’s Slip:

POtter's SlipSlip trailing is a technique that reached its peak in western pottery during the 17th century. Slip trailing was frequently used for pattern decoration or personalizing. Potter’s Slip is an updated version of this unique material-using ingredients that allow it to perform over a number of clay bodies ranging from Cone 06 to 8. The 4 oz. bottle of clay slip is conveniently packaged in its own slip trial bottle. Slip Trails are applied to either wet clay or a wet “field” of base slip. Best results are achieved before the clay piece has reached the leather hard state. Thinned with water, Potter’s Slip can be used as a brushed on underglaze decoration on greenware or bisque ware.
Colored ceramic slips for sale are available in 2 sizes for your slipware pottery.
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COLORED DECORATING SLIPS: Minnesota Clay Potter’s Slip