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Amaco (WA) Oxide Washes for Low, mid and high-fire ceramics

Oxide washes are a great way to achieve unique looks on your work whether sculptural or functional
They can be used in a number of ways to subtle and bold color. They work wonderfully over textured clay: try applying and then wiping it off the high areas to reveal and enhance textures.
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These five lead free ceramic oxide washes produce earthy yet vibrant enhancements to any ceramic piece. They can be used straight out of the bottle for a dark, bold look or they can be diluted with a small amount of water to produce a more soft, subtle feel. The washes can be applied under or over any glaze from Cone 06-11 or simply applied onto the clay with no glaze. They are versatile with great brushing qualities. Available in 4 fl. oz. jars.

•Oxide colors for use with or without glaze
•Cone 06 to 11

Amaco WA Series Oxide Washes Cone 06-11