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Amaco Majolica Gloss (GDC) Low Fire (Cone 05) Glazes For Bisque -- LEAD FREE

Amaco Majolica GDC Pottery Glazes

These versatile gloss glazes are formulated for the Majolica technique but can be used in many other application methods.

Four Techniques: One Glaze

This very unique series offers unlimited versatility. While developed specifically to produce the Majolica technique, these colors also perform well as a one step decoration for bisque, can be used for overall coverage as well as high fired on stoneware.

1. Bisque Underglazes, One Step Method
The GDC series is very versatile. Colors can be used directly over Cone 04 bisque to create a design, then clear glazed and fired. This is a one step method, where there is no need to fire the GDC before applying the Clear Glaze. However the Clear Glaze should be applied by dipping using AMACO® DC-10 Dipping Glaze or by sponging, using LG-10. When using GDC colors on bisque, they can be applied in one coat to create translucent designs or apply two or three coats for a more solid color.

2. Majolica
Cone 05. The Majolica Gloss Glazes (GDC) were developed specifically to produce the Majolica technique. Each of these colors can be applied directly over unfired LEAD FREE AMACO® LG-11 Opaque White glaze. The special formulation of this series means no covering glaze is necessary. Colors will fire glossy and assume the smooth surface of the white base glaze. Recommended firing temperature is Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). The colors in the GDC series have only been tested and approved as safe for dinnerware when applied alone and on top of AMACO® LG-11. They must be retested as safe for dinnerware if they are used on top of other glazes.

These colors will also produce excellent results when used over most of the AMACO® LG Series Glazes as well as the F, LM, and the DG Series glazes.

The GDC colors can be successfully used over other white or color glazes as long as a small sample is pre-tested first to establish the appropriate temperature to achieve the best results. Variations on how the GDC series can be used is limited only to the potter's imagination.

3. All-Over Coverage
The Majolica Gloss Glazes can also be used for all over coverage or to design over the bisque with no additional glaze over or under it. In such cases, application should be of at least two coats or more to achieve good results.

4. High Fire Majolica Technique
When GDC colors are used for stoneware, use HF-11 White glaze over bisque and follow the same decorating technique as earthenware. Glaze fire to Cone 5 (2205°F, 1207°C). Colors will not change at Cone 5 except the following: GDC-55 will change to Dark Blue, GDC-45 will change to Dark Green, and GDC-64 will change to Light Yellow/Green.

Amaco Majolica GDC Glazes Low and Mid Fire Pottery