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Amaco Dry Dipping Glazes: Mixing and Application

Important information on Amaco Dry Dipping Glazes: Mixing and Application:


Important new instructions for mixing and using PC Dipping glazes: Click here

NOTE: Layering of PC Dry Form Glazes: Because dipping glazes don’t have the binder that brushing glazes have, layering them is not as easy. Although some customers layer PC dipping glazes with success, they have achieved their results through trial and error. We can’t guarantee that you will have that success. PC glazes were not specially formulated for layering, they were formulated to achieve a specific and often complex effect and many need a specified amount of glaze to achieve that look (usually a thick application). That amount of glaze may prove problematic when layering because the thickness in the overlap area is doubled, which can cause the first glaze to lose its bond with the clay or the second glaze to lose its bond with the initial glaze. You can try to minimize the overlap area but that may not give you the effect you want. If you thin the glazes down with water to make the overlap glaze thickness correct, the areas where it is only a single layer might be thin and unattractive. (Also, a too thin dipping glaze may settle out hard in the bucket.)

Cone 5-6. and also for cone 10 ! Click HERE to see the complete cone 6 and cone 10 tiles ! Achieve traditional high fire reduction looks in your Cone 5-6 electric kiln. The cone 5-6 pottery glazes look beautiful and authentic. These high fire glazes work well over most stoneware and porcelain clays.
Amaco glazes available in liquid brushing pints and gallons as well as dipping 25 lb. dry. Please read label for each color since some require special application.
25 lb. dipping glazes* are packaged in 5 gallon buckets for easy mixing.

Watch this great video on application and layering of Potter's Choice Glazes!


*The following Potter's Choice glazes, PC-12, 20, 21, 23, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34, 37, 39, 43, 55, and 57, continue to be AP in their liquid form and carry the AP seal. There has been a change to the labeling of the 25# dry dipping forms of these glazes. That labeling no longer carries the AP seal but "Conforms to ASTM D-4236".