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Alpine® has been the premium gas and electric fired kiln manufacturer for 60 years and continues to set the standard for high quality kiln construction, firing performance and durability. Many Alpine® kilns have been in use for 35 years and are still dependable, firing after firing.

Constant changes in design through new technology, customer suggestions and years of data on the kilns assure Alpine® purchasers of receiving the most up-to-date features for firing ease, safety and reliability. Today, Alpine® kilns are noted for state-of-the-art electronic controls and sophisticated safety features. However, this new technology is not only available on current models. Many older Alpine® electric fired kilns may be refitted with modern controls to improve operation and meet today’s stringent safety requirements.

Construction of every Alpine® kiln begins with precision cut heavy-duty structural steel (3/16) industrially welded for superior strength and stability. The shell of the kiln is then sanded and buffed for a smooth finish. A high temperature, rustproofing paint is applied to protect the kiln against moisture and heat damage prior to bricking.
Following the metal work, the kiln is bricked with 2800˚F insulating firebrick. Due to health factors and the lack of durability, we do not use fiberfax lining. To provide even greater strength to the kiln, a high temperature mortar is used. The bricks are fitted and mortared by an expert mason. A layer of heat resistant insulation material is then added for maximum firing efficiency and minimum heat loss to lower energy costs and ensure high quality firings. The typical finished wall thickness of an Alpine® kiln is 71/2 to 8 inches.

Alpine® kilns feature sprung arch construction, which means the arch extends completely out to the door opening. This allow full utilization of the inside height while firing and during loading and unloading. Every door is recessed and custom fitted to the jamb. This allows for a tight seal for safety and optimum firing without any manual adjustments. Heavy-duty steel hinges assure extremely smooth movement of the door. Star knobs allow the door to be effortlessly secured. Two peepholes in the door provide easy access viewing.
Alpine Gas and Electric Kilns