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Shrink Rule Clay Ruler

Shrink Rule – This is a ruler that you use to measure your raw clay pieces so you will know how much smaller they will be after they are fired.
An innovative way to measure the shrinkage of your clay. Works great when making replacement lids for a casserole dish that has been bisque fired. This flexible two-sided ruler has 4 clay shrinkage percentages to aid in matching lids to bowls etc.

When you make a pot and you know the approximate shrinkage of the clay, this ruler will tell you how big it will be after it is fired. It include scales for low shrinkage sculpture clay to high shrinkage (14%) for porcelain clay.It also has scales for 6% and 10% shrinkage as found in stoneware and earthenware clay bodies.
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Shrink Rule Clay Ruler
Shrink Rule
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Shrink Rule Clay Ruler
Shrink Rule Clay Ruler