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Our Self Hardening clay is a great buy for Sculptors and Schools without a kiln. This air-drying clay/no-bake clay dries to a durable surface which may be painted with acrylic paints. Suitable for handbuilding, sculpting and wheel throwing. Not for dinnerware. No-bake clay is for decorative works only.

Our PLAY CLAY Moist Clay Body is a mismash of various high quality clays. It's a just-for-FUN moist clay body with Great plasticity! This clay body is recommended for forming experiments and getting young hands into clay! Buy your self hardening clay and air-dry clay online now.

Clay Pricing: Price per box decreases as you order more clay .
There are price breaks at 100,500,1000,2000,6000,12000 and 26,000 pounds.
These extended are shown with the button "Veiw Quantity Discounts" and shown in your shopping cart.
(see Moist Clay Price List for price per pound details)

Weight quantity discounts are combined when you order multiple types clays:

If you order one 50lb box of Mass White and 50lbs of Mass Red you are entitled to the discounted 100lb bracket for both boxes. This savings will be shown in your shopping cart.

Clay Shipping and Handling

Most Self Hardening & Air Dry Clay orders you buy online will ship USP Ground or UPS Hundredweight.
You can look up your zipcode in our "Per Box Shipping Estimator" to get a quick UPS Ground Shipping estimate.

Additional UPS Handling Charge on 50lb boxes of clay:
1 - 7 boxes of clay = $2.00/box plus shipping
8th box = $1.00
plus shipping
9th box and up = No furthur box charge

6 boxes = $12.00 total handling
plus shipping
8 boxes = $15.00 total handling plus shipping
10 boxes =$15.00 total handling plus shipping

For customers ordering over 500lbs of clay, please contact us to arrange for the most economical common carrier shipping to your location.

Some orders may be able to ship on owr trucks. Our trucks range from Maine to Georgia and west into Ohio. See: Price Per Pound Table for orders shipped on our truck .

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PLAY CLAY 50 Lb. Box Sheffield Pottery Self Hardening / Air drying clay
Or less depending on quantity ! PLAY CLAY 50 Lb. Box Or less depending on quantity ! Sheffield Pottery Self Hardening / Air drying clay
Self Hardening Clay/ Air-Dry Clay and Play Clay For Schools and Crafts