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Opulence Translucent Glazes from Mid-South Cone 6 Opulence EnviroColors Glazes from Mid-South Cone 6-10 (800 series) Opulence Gloss Glazes from Mid-South Cone 6-10 (100-500 Series)
Opulence Reduction Look Glazes from Mid-South Cone 6-10 (600 Series)

Opulence Glazes for Cone 6 to 10 !

There are 3 families of Opulence Glazes by Mid-South:

Gloss, Enviro-Colors and Reduction-Look.

They were all originally for cone 6 electric but Mid-South is reporting nice results up to cone 10 !

They note great results in the Enviro-Colors and the Gloss Glazes even in cone 10 gas and in wood firings !

With Opulence glazes, you can select from four superior base glazes in matte or gloss finish, and add any stain to your color specifications. Or, you can choose from any of their vibrant rainbow of hues with the added assurance of getting consistent results with each application. Better still, you have the unique compatibility of Opulence glazes. You can blend color with color or mix a base with color in any combination you like. All Opulence glazes are nontoxic, microwave & dishwasher safe and easy to use. All Opulence glazes are offered in both dry and liquid form. The dry glazes are pre-packaged in 5, 25 and 100 lb. bags. For 25 and 100 lb bags,please call us to order (1.888.spi.clay).

Opulence Glaze Mixing Instructions
Opulence Glaze sold in liquid pints and gallons are mixed to the correct ratio, sieved and ready to use. Opulence Glaze sold in powder form will need to be mixed with the correct amount of water and sieved through an 80 mesh screen. Basic Ratio of powder glaze to water by weight is 1 lb of powder glaze to 0.9 lbs of water. 5lb example: In One Gallon container, add 5lb of dry glaze to 4.5 lbs of water (9 cups). 25lb example: In Five Gallon container, add 25lb of dry glaze to 22.5 lb of water (45 cups). *Always add dry glaze to water. * Avoid breathing dust of any dry glaze. Wear appropriate respirator when mixing glaze and work in a well-ventilated area. *When in liquid form, Opulence Glazes can be dipped, poured, sprayed or brushed without the addition of deflocculants, binders, etc. *Opulence Glazes do not contain compounds of lead or barium and have been tested to assure non-toxicity and are food safe. *Opulence Glazes are dishwasher and microwave safe. *Specific Gravity should be 150-155 grams per 100 cc of mixed glaze. *Feel free to contact us for further information.

How to Measure Specific Gravity

To determine if Opulence Glaze is the correct ratio of water to dry glaze you can measure Specific Gravity. This method is helpful if you are concerned the glaze is too thick or too thin. *Specific Gravity is found by the weight of mixed water and glaze. Weigh 100cc of mixed glaze on a gram scale. (Be sure to tare out, or zero out, the weight of the container.) The correct specific gravity of Opulence Glaze will be 150-155 grams. If 100cc of mixed glaze weighs more than 155 grams, there is too much glaze in the mix (therefore the glaze is too thick and additional water is needed). If it weighs less than 150 grams, there is too much water (therefore the glaze is too thin and after the glaze is settled, some of the water needs to be cast off). **Don't have a gram scale?

Opulence Glazes