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Ceramic Kilns and Glass Kilns

Ordering and Installing an Electric Kiln: Preflight Check-List, from L&L Kilns but applicable to any electric kiln.

KILNS: Ceramic Kilns and Glass Kilns

Here you will find online ordering of Kilns.

Browse our selection of ceramic kilns, pottery kilns, glass fusing kilns, pmc kilns, Raku kilns, Enameling Kilns, commercial production kilns, Doll and Test kilns.

We are an authorized retailer of Paragon Kilns, Olympic Kilns, L&L Kilns, Amaco Kilns, Skutt Kilns, Shimpo/Coneart Kilns, Fredrickson Kilns, Alpine Klns and Nabertherm Kilns.

We offer electric, gas and propane kilns.

You will find a kiln for every budget from the smallest test/PMC kilns to industrial sized car kilns.

We offer kiln parts, service and installation.

You will also find all manner of firing accessories including shelves, posts, stilts, Orton cones and venting systems: Here.

For the kiln builder we offer refractory fire bricks, castable refractories, kiln cement, kaowool and insulation as well as books on the subject. Click here for our KILN BUILING Products.

Yes Virginia, you can fuse glass in your ceramics kiln... an article from Skutt Kilns

Electrical Service and Electric Kiln Ordering:

Most electric Kilns are available for household and commercial electrical service. Some of the smallest kilns are available only for the home and some of the largest only for commercial locations.

The determining factor is the voltage and phase of your electricity.

  • With rare exception household electricity is 240 volt, single phase. This is also referred to as 220 volt.  You may wish to confirm with your electrician that you have normal household current and sufficient amperage if you are in doubt.

  • A dedicated circuit breaker is necessary for most electric kilns. All electric kilns carry an amperage rating. This refers to the circuit breaker and  outlet type required for the kiln. For any electric kiln you will want to have an electrician install the necessary breaker and outlet before your kiln arrives. We will assist you with the specifications when you order.

    If you are installing a kiln vent you will need an outlet nearby for that as well.

  • Commercial locations vary in their electrical service. Some are 208 volt, some 240. Some are single phase and some three phase.

Since it is expensive to ship a replacement for a mis-ordered kiln, we require that you submit the
when ordering a kiln for a commercial location.

Click Here for web/html version Electrical Confirmation Form for Commercial Electric Kilns.
Click Here for printer friendly PDF version of Electrical Confirmation Form.

Ordering and Installing an Electric Kiln: Preflight Check-List, from L&L Kilns but applicable to any electric kiln.

NEMA Socket ConfigurationsClick here for outlet and plug configurations: NEMA Standard Configurations for General Purpose Nonlocking Connectors

A Great Primer On Electrical Service ELECTRICAL_THEORY_AND_APPLICATION.pdf

Feel free to call or email with any questions you have about electrical service for your new kiln.

Kiln Services: Assisted Inside Setup of Kilns.

We offer professional kiln installation.
This applies to deliveries of new kilns when kiln is shipped on our truck.

Kiln installation is a two person job.

There are two options:
a) Assisted Inside Setup : where you provide an able bodied assistant. $200.
b) Unassisted Inside Setup : where we provide two persons. $300.

These prices may vary depending on the location and complexity of your installation requirements.
Electrical service upgrade must be completed before hand by a qualified electrician.

Inside/setup delivery

We will unload the equipment and bring it inside.  We will set up the equipment in its desired location.  We will remove all packing debris.  If a kiln with venting system is ordered we will mount the vent to the kiln and drill/modify the kiln for proper operation. We do not mount the wall-mounted vents. We do not cut holes in walls or ceilings. We will attach the vent pipe to existing ductwork.  The ductwork must be in place at the time of the kiln installation and properly located so that the flex-pipe from the vent will reach it. We do not extend the building’s ductwork to reach the kiln. We do not make any electrical hook ups.

For more information on our kiln set-up services see: "Services"

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Kilns: Ceramic Kilns and Glass Kilns
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