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Sheffield Pottery is your complete Ceramics Supply Store. From your clay to your kiln, we have everything you need for your pottery or sculpting studio at great discounted prices.  We have on-staff experts to help you pick the right kiln or potter's wheel for your needs.  Our tools and glazes have free shipping to save you money everyday. Slab rollers and clay extruders have great discounts and easy free shipping too.  Our specialty is our moist potters' clay. We have perfectly pugged and de-aired clay bodies from low-fire earthenware clay to the finest cone 10 stoneware and porcelain. We also make custom clay bodies and casting slip  to your exact specifications using our state of the art manufacturing facility.  Sheffield Pottery clay and supplies are featured in classrooms coast to coast. Educational discounts are available to help you maximize your school budget. We also stock a massive amount of raw materials and ceramic chemicals for all of your glaze making needs. So whether you are just starting out or you are large industrial manufacturer, Sheffield Pottery will be with you every step of the way !

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Enjoy! ... -Sheffield

L&L Kilns Pottery Kiln: E23T-3 Sherrill Mudtools : Mudsponge White Finishing Sponge
L&L E23T-3 3"Brick Easy Fire Kiln
Our Price: $2,489.00
You save $711.00!
Olympic 2327H "Stackable" Electric Kiln with V6-CF Electronic Controller : 7 Cu. Ft:  Cone 10 SHIMPO VL WHISPER WHEELS CALDERA DIGITAL KILN
Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheel With Splash Pan
Our Price: $1,119.00
You save $196.00!

Paragon Kiln Caldera Digital Kiln
Our Price: $654.00
You save $226.00!